We are expert in the offshore sector and provide a wide of range services within the markets
of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units & Floating Production Units







Charter Contracts

In today’s challenging environment it helps to have expertise on your side. Our services are tailored to compliment your marketing and commercial teams to give you an edge on understanding your negotiating power for each region, program and units.

Newbuilding Contracts

With the supply/demand picture out of balance in the current market, the
success of newbuilding projects will depend on a keen understanding of demand and well-established relationships with worldwide players.

Fearnley Offshore can assist clients in all stages of contracting new offshore units. We possess at all times up-to-date information on the prevailing yard capacities, interest and experience in construction of offshore units.

Sale & Purchase

Fearnley Offshore can handle and successfully conclude sales transactions for all types of offshore units.

Project Development

Fearnley Offshore assists in project development from conceptional phase to project executions.

Advisory Services

We have acted as advisors to oil companies as well as rig contractors in the evaluation, screening and contracting of Offshore units. These services can include but not limits to:

- Detailed market screenings for drilling campaigns for any type of offshore rig, anywhere in the world
- Assist with tender processes
- Rig valuations
- Large M&A projects in conjunction with investment banks
- Studies in conjunction with company restructuring

Market Survey

With our in-house detailed and comprehensive market database, coupled with the always up to date market information, Fearnley Offshore provides updated market surveys, forecasts, studies, reports, and presentations tailor-made for specific projects and markets.